'Ukiyo-e Heroes'

Print #7 - I Choose You

Title: I Choose You

Cartouche: "I Swear that I Shall Capture"

Comments from Jed: "Compared to other designs in this series, I wanted to create something that reflects the simpler aesthetic of the original game. It's a very innocent, bright, colourful and cheery world, and I think my print reflects that, in its own simplicity. I wanted my animals to be ebullient ... happy to be alive."

Comments from Dave: "This one - as you might guess - has been one of the more simpler designs for us to produce. But even though it does not pose as many difficult technical problems as many of the other prints in this series, it still has to be done very carefully. In an open and exposed design such as this, there is absolutely no place to 'hide'. Every impression has to be bang on, and at just the right depth of tone. And we also have to hunt through our paper stock looking for the best sheets, those with only tiny amounts of bark scraps, etc. embedded in the sheets."

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