'Ukiyo-e Heroes'

Print #3 - The Hero Rests

Title: The Hero Rests

Cartouche: "He swings the Commanding Sword"

Comments from Jed: "One of the things that always impressed me about the Legend of Zelda games is that even though there are moments of real danger, they always take time to make a beautiful world for you to explore. Sometimes it's menacing, but always it's beautiful. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to switch gears and make something that's a little more contemplative and calm. With Samus, I could never have done this, because her worlds are almost always hostile."

Comments from Dave: "This is one of the 'cleaner' designs in our set, mostly due to the open and bright background, which is done with multiple overlapping gradations on the wide background block. It's a wonderful effect, sweeping up from the dark area at the very bottom, lightening as we move upwards, and then gradually deepening into the trees at the top. A couple of the colour tones that Jed called for (notably the ocarina blue) are not really traditional 'ukiyo-e' colours, so their presence here helps give the print a slight modern touch."

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