Ukiyoe Heroes 'Henry Manga'

... taking favorite video game heroes
and putting them back in the ukiyo-e style ...

What is the Ukiyoe Heroes 'Henry Manga'?

For the Ukiyoe Heroes subscription series for 2015, Jed and Dave did project that they had cooked up for over two years, ever since the time of their first Kickstarter collaboration. They created a book of Jed's drawings and sketches following a tradition set by the great Hokusai with his 'Hokusai Manga'. This new 'Henry Manga' has been carved and printed in a style matching the old books, and is published for collecting in two forms: as a set of single sheet prints, and as a book volume, bound with silk thread in the traditional way.

The image content follows the Ukiyoe Heroes theme of course; the 12 designs actually form a single long panorama, with all the characters parodied from one of the most popular video games of all time. Jed & Dave were very happy to be able to combine their very different skills in the production of a new work that built on two strong Japanese traditions - Dave for woodblock printmaking, and Jed for vivid visual storytelling!

You can see a 'Flipbook' version of the set of prints, and also please watch the short video on the front page to get an overview of what this is all about!


If you are concerned about how safely the prints might be while being shipped to you, please have a look at how our shipping/packaging works!