'Ukiyoe Heroes'

Frequently Asked Questions

I missed the Kickstarter! Can I still get some prints?
Yes, of course. We ran the Kickstarter to get things going, but now that the series is under way, the prints will be generally available (for a long time, we hope!) Orders for the Ukiyoe Heroes prints can be placed over on Jed's web shop. (And by the way - because the Kickstarter introduction video was so interesting, we have put an embedded copy at the bottom of this page ...)
How many prints will be in this series?
We can't tell at this point. At present we are committed to making seven designs - the ones decided during the course of the Kickstarter campaign:
  • Rickshaw Cart
  • Fox Moon
  • The Hero Rests
  • Infestation
  • The Soul Eater
  • Yokai Dracul
  • I Choose You!
Update: many more designs have appeared as the years have gone by ... (see this page for images and current ordering information)
Do you take requests?
Jed certainly takes suggestions. It doesn't take much to get him excited about something, and if you make your 'pitch' interesting enough, you may indeed get exactly what you want! The Ukiyoe Heroes Facebook page is the place where such feedback and discussion has been taking place ever since the series started.
Are there cheaper prints available?
Yes. Although the woodblock prints are actually very reasonably priced - considering the huge amount of work involved, we know that they are not for everybody. Jed sells giclée prints of all his designs - not just the ones that are appearing as woodblock prints. Please visit his web shop to find them. We also have monthly subscription prints available; these are smaller scale, less inexpensive prints, but no less fun ... Please have a look!
Are the prints signed and numbered? Are these limited editions?
Jed signs each print in pencil in the lower margin. He also impresses each one with his personal seal (using traditional vermillion). He also numbers the prints, but please understand that these are not limited editions, and the numbering is simply to indicate the quantity printed to date. These are 'open editions', just as Japanese traditional prints always have been.