eBook: Creative Print (創作木版画)

Designer: Terry McKenna

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Description: [This eBook is not a 'Mokuhankan' production, but in the interest of helping spread the word about this craft, we are happy to act as a provider for this very useful item.]

Terry McKenna is an Australian woodblock printmaker living in Karuizawa Japan, where he runs the 'Karuizawa Mokuhanga School', a place where training in the Japanese woodblock techniques is available to visitors from around the world (and online). Terry has developed a comprehensive curriculum to guide students through the process, and this eBook is one of three that he has adapted from materials he has created for his online workshops.

At 250 pages in length, this eBook is far and away the most comprehensive of the three; this is the one with 'everything' included. There is a stunning wealth of information contained here, as Terry draws not only on his own years of experience, but on that of the people who taught him.

It is all a bit overwhelming for the beginner, but this is not intended for that purpose - this is more of a reference book than a specific instruction book. You probably won't read it cover-to-cover, but will come back and refer to it again and again, as you explore the world of traditional Japanese printmaking.

If you have had any experience at all with this kind of printmaking, and are intending to do more, just get. this. book.

Terry has prepared a 'sampler' of this volume, to give you a taste of the full content: [download - 3.1 Mb].

[Note: as with all the eBooks in this catalogue, after purchase you will be sent a personalized link where you can download the book in .pdf format. You will not receive a physical book.]

Here are a few sample layouts:

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