Rich Media eBook: David's Choice - Volume 1

Title: David's Choice - An invitation to a viewing of prints from the personal collection of Tokyo woodblock printmaker David Bull (Volume One)

Author: David Bull

ISBN: 978-4-90367215-1

Content: The eBook contains an introduction, an index, and 10 content pages. Each of those pages shows one of the woodblock prints in David's collection, photographed as clearly and beautifully as possible, in very high-resolution, with each print also being accompanied by a number of close-up views. The main content of the volume though, is the collection of audio clips - one for each page. These were recorded by David in the manner that he would use had you been sitting in his library together with him. He tells you about the background of the print, why he thinks it is special, and what you should look at ... The recordings are not lectures, but simple conversations with a friend. To experience the entire 'exhibition' will take the two of you together just about an hour ... Download the book, prepare yourself a mug of coffee, and enjoy the (spectacular) show!

Available: The book is available for immediate downloading. When you place an order from this page, the download link will be automagically sent to you a few seconds after completing the transaction. When you follow the link, the book will be downloaded to your desktop. (A link for a free sample download is provided further down this page.)

Download Version: $ 5.00£ 4.00€ 4.50 (for the 'Rich Media eBook' - you will receive a link where you can download the book in .pdf format. You will not receive a physical copy of the book.)

  • includes all text, high-resolution images, and audio files (no subsequent internet access is required)
  • requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 for proper viewing (see system requirements below)
  • includes membership (posting and discussion privileges) in the related support forum (details below)

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System Requirements: Integrating Rich Media into a pdf file is a relatively new technology; you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 9 or better) to be able to access the audio components of the book. The Acrobat Reader is free software, and can be downloaded from the Adobe website here.

File Size: All the audio content and high-resolution photographs are embedded into the download package. Nothing will stream from the internet while you 'play' the book; it is self-contained. Because of this, it is a large file, and the download package is 103Mb in size. If your internet connection is not capable of handling such a file, please consider this before making the purchase ...

Support Forum: David has created a forum where owners of this eBook (and his other RichMedia eBooks) can - if they wish - access additional information, ask questions, and share their experiences of the prints shown in this book. Will this grow into an interesting 'background' resource? Only time will tell, but the forum is 'up and running', and can be found here. The right to post there is reserved for owners of the eBook (who will be registered there automatically upon purchase) but anybody may freely access the information.

Sample Download: This sample contains the first three pages of the book - the cover, introduction, and the first print (in high resolution and with the companion audio recording). The sample file is available here, and is an approximately 10Mb 'zip' archive file, which should easily open in your computer (Mac or Win) to reveal the enclosed pdf file, along with a READ ME file. (Nothing else is included in each download, just these two files.) Please give it a listen!

Reader reaction: The book has only been out there for a short time, but here's a bit of early feedback ...

"One word:  Splendid     I've been lucky enough to sit down with you in person and look at hanga, but most people won't be able to do that. This presentation allows them the next best thing. Your conversational impromptu approach is very effective in communicating what these prints mean to you and opening up new dimensions for the average (less experienced) viewer."

"Everyone was in bed so I turned off the lights in the dining/pc room and went into full screen mode.The quality of the images is tremendous. The presentation is great and I enjoyed the crisp audio."

"These are exquisite works, and they are *beautifully* photographed. I am filled with admiration. Thank you."

"I just spent an hour with you, at least with your voice, chatting about your choice prints. What a beautiful concept! Apart from the faultless realization (but we’ve been spoilt over the years by your very standards), I really enjoyed the feeling of “sharing”. I am not an artist, just a collector and to hear you discussing the prints from an artist standpoint, with both the technical aspect and the artistic approach is enlightening. I am already queuing for the #2 episode…"

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