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More Catalogue Catchup!

Posted by Dave Bull at 3:37 PM, March 1, 2013 [Permalink]

As promised yesterday, here is another batch of catalogue updates ... most of these made from blocks from my original 'Hanga Treasure Chest', which is now out of print. [As with yesterdays list, the first link in each pair is to the main 'large screen' website, and the second one is to the older 'standard' site ...]

Bush Warbler

A reproduction of a 'light' little design by Takahashi Shotei, originally published as a matchbox size item back in early Showa. Printed by young Teiko-san ...

[Links: 1 2]

Girl on Bicycle

This one was among the most popular of the prints in the original series - it's a small portion 'clipped' from a larger ukiyo-e print by Chikanobu.

[Links: 1 2]

Rainy Fuji

Back to Hokusai again - we can never have enough! This one is reproduced from his famous '100 Views of Fuji'.

[Links: 1 2]

Ogino Isaburo

A moment of drama from the kabuki stage ... the 'hero' bursts forth from the well where he has been hiding, to rout the bad guys!

[Links: 1 2]





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