Public Health Situation

Asakusa shop: The Asakusa shop is now closed, and all Print Party reservations have been cancelled. Most of our employees have been sent home, to do as much of their work as possible in isolation. Our printing staff - working away from the public view - are very busy trying to keep up with their work, and our shipping centre (isolated from downtown Tokyo) is operating as normal.

Online and Subscriptions: Our online system is still in place, operating as well as can be expected, and we are still producing our subscription prints on schedule, with some of our staff working here in the Asakusa workroom, and some doing their printing work at home..

Shipping: We check with the Japanese Post Office every day to confirm which countries are still accepting international shipments. Mail items for some countries are not being accepted; for those cases where shipments are allowed, we are using tracking on all outgoing shipments, and even though items may encounter delays, we anticipate that shipments will get through. We are maintaining a page with updated information from postal systems in those countries where most of our customers/collectors live.