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Legendary Loot!

Just how ridiculous can game tropes get?!

What is 'Legendary Loot'?

Over the past few years, Jed and Dave have collaborated on a number of different projects, most of them of course based on game characters. This series is a little bit different - instead of featuring famous characters, the series will feature famous tropes!

Quests ... bosses ... dungeons ... not to mention of course infinitely large bags of loot! All these things have been chewed over so endlessly, they are ripe for parody. And parody is what we do! Over the course of 2018, our workshop will create a set of 12 interesting woodblock prints drawn by Jed Henry in answer to the question posed above! Visit the website, or the 'How to Subscribe' page for more information.

Portraits - Set #1

Our most popular series ...

What are the Ukiyoe Heroes Portraits?

The Portraits - our subscription series for 2014 - was a major 'step up' from the earlier Chibi Heroes series. We made the prints quite a bit larger (13.5 x 17 cm), giving us more 'room' to play with, and used that space to create fully-featured print designs.

Jed is very good at capturing the essence of the things that he draws, and we are very happy to have brought you a set of twelve designs that show many of your most well-loved game heroes in a new light - as Ukiyoe Heroes! See the 'How to Subscribe' page for more information.

Click the image below to see the prints one-by-one, or visit a page with the entire set visible ...

Portraits - Set #2

A followup to our most popular series!

12 more Portraits!

Our first 'Portraits' series was published in 2014 (January thru December), and brought hundreds of new fans into the Ukiyoe Heroes world (see below for details of that series). For 2016, Jed and Dave did it again!

We kept exactly the same size and format, and just as with the previous set, this one featured a mix of iconic characters and ones perhaps new to you. The set is of course still available - see the 'How to Subscribe' page for more information.

Click the image below to see a selection of the prints, or visit this page, for the entire set.

Chibi Heroes - Set #1

A (fun!) woodblock print desk set ...

What are Chibies?

'Chibi' is a word that a Japanese person might use to describe that insanely cute little toddler who lives next door: Playful? Check! Small scale? Of course! Did we mention cute? Double check!!

Our Chibi Heroes fit that name perfectly ... a fun collection of woodblock prints created by Dave Bull and his workshop in 2013 as an offshoot of Jed Henry's larger Ukiyoe Heroes designs. We had a blast making these, and we hope you will enjoy collecting them! See the 'How to Subscribe' page for more information.

Over on our YouTube page, we have a 15-minute video showing the entire process of making some of these Chibies. To see the prints, click the image below to see them one-by-one, or visit a page with the entire set visible ...

The Henry Manga - Book one

A monthly print ... and book!

What is the 'Henry Manga'?

For the Ukiyoe Heroes subscription series for 2015, Jed and Dave created a book of Jed's drawings and sketches following a tradition set by the great Hokusai with his 'Hokusai Manga'. Carved and printed in a style matching the old books, his new 'Henry Manga' was published in two forms: as a set of single sheet prints, and as a book volume, bound with silk thread in the traditional way.

The image content followed the Ukiyoe Heroes theme of course; the 12 designs formed a single long panorama, with all the characters parodied from one of the most popular video games of all time. Jed & Dave worked to combine their very different skills in the production of a new work that built on two strong Japanese traditions - Dave for woodblock printmaking, and Jed for vivid visual storytelling! See the 'How to Subscribe' page for more information.

Click the image below to see the prints one-by-one, check out a 'Flipbook' here, or visit a page with the entire set visible ...

Yokai Faceoff!

Yokai, old and new ...
... which are scarier?!

What is the 'Yokai Faceoff'?

Our subscription series for 2017 drifted a little bit away from video game heroes ... and features a set of 24 (!) prints based on yokai, both old and new.

The series has its own set of web pages here ...