Yasue Tsushima

We realized quite some time ago that we will never be able to build a flourishing print publishing enterprise by depending on 'outside' printers. There are simply not enough good ones left, and those who are good, are busy. Neither Numabe-san nor Tetsui-san (introduced above) can take on very much more of our work. There is only one way forward - to train our own people.

Meet the first of our 'trainees' 'in house' printers - Tsushima-san! She started training in mid-summer of 2011, and made very rapid progress, taking on the job that autumn of printing the 300 copies of our New Year card. Since January of 2012, she has been working on prints for our catalogue. A series of posts over on the Mokuhankan Conversations blog - beginning with this one - introduced her and followed her progress. We need another half-dozen like her!