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Nearby Accommodations

There are a ton of interesting Airbnb rooms in our immediate neighbourhood, and we will be listing some of these here soon.

For those of you who want more traditional accommodation, here is a list of some within a five-minute walk from our front door:

  1. Hotel B:Conte [website]
  2. Richmond Hotel Asakusa [website]
  3. Khaosan Hostels (six locations within five minutes!) [website]
  4. Sakura Hostel [website]
  5. Asakusa View Hotel [website]
  6. Hotel Unizo Asakusa [website]
  7. K's House Tokyo Oasis [website]
  8. The Gate Hotel [website]
  9. Agora Palace Asakusa [website]
  10. Hotel Asakusa and Capsule [website]
  11. Hotel Keihan Asakusa [website]
  12. Asakusa Hotel Wasou [website]
  13. Hotel Sunroute Asakusa [website]
  14. Hotel Kaminarimon [website]
  15. Asakusa Central Hotel [website]
  16. Ryokan Kamogawa [website]
  17. Ryokan Toukaisou [website]
  18. Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu [website]
  19. Asakusa Town Hotel [website]
  20. ViaInn Asakusa [website]
  21. Dormy Inn Express Asakusa [website]
  22. Tochigiya Hotel [website]
  23. Hotel Kawase [website]
  24. Hotel New Gyominso [website]

More coming soon ...