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The 2021 Gift Print

Each year as the gift season approaches, we select one of the designs from our catalogue, get the blocks out of the storeroom, and print up a batch specifically for this purpose. Our print this year is one that we had available years ago, and which was so popular that we wore out a set of very hard cherry blocks making it. It is now clearly time for a 'reboot', so we prepared a brand-new set of blocks this summer and have brought it back to life.

This design - based on an original by Koryusai - incorporates two of the most important symbols of the New Year in traditional Japanese culture: the long-lived crane, and the first sunrise of the new year. It is also interesting for the way in which the designer has twisted the bird into an impossible shape for flight, all in the name of ‘composition’, and yet our eyes accept this without complaint.

A special feature of the print is its use of the karazuri (embossing) technique. To see this in the way that the viewers of that century did, one must turn off any overhead lighting and hold the print near a window or lamp. The light falling horizontally across the print will then highlight the embossments and allow the full texture of the beautiful Japanese paper to be enjoyed.

About the Gift Prints ... (including video ...)


We have prepared a little folder for all the prints in this series ...

... with the print mounted carefully on a backboard, and accompanied by a short descriptive pamphlet giving some background.

The print package is slipped into an envelope ... which is wrapped in a traditional wrapping paper (pattern will vary)

It is mailed from Tokyo in a padded envelope with current Japanese commemorative stamps. (stamps will vary from package to package ...)

[Update 2021: Unfortunately, due to changes in the international postal systems the Post Office now requires us to provide electronic data for all packages, which also requires payment by bank transfer, and as a result they no longer allow us to use actual postage stamps on these packages. We have bitterly fought them on this, but to no avail ...]

We make the prints completely by hand ... using the same tools and techniques used in the Edo days ...

"Hi Dave - I thought you would like to see my daughter's (she has a Masters in Fine Art) comments to me after receiving her woodcut. To say the least she was excited..."

"DAD! Thank you so much for my print from Japan! You would not believe how immaculately packaged it was. I was blown away! The envelope and stamps and fonts were gorgeous. I opened that up, and the little package was origami-wrapped in BEAUTIFUL paper, then another little envelope, THEN a little booklet with the woodcut inside. OH MY GOSH! Where did you find this?! ... Thank you so so much! That was probably the most exciting thing I've ever gotten in the mail."


Price and Delivery

The gift prints are US$40 - including gift wrapping and packing as illustrated above.

We can mail to you, or directly to somebody on your behalf as a 'Gift from Japan'. The usual way is to include a slip of paper along the lines of: "For Ms. Happy Recipient, here is a small gift from Japan - sent to you at the request of Mr. Gift Sender", but of course we can use any message you wish to include. Our shopping cart is designed for the input of a single recipient's address; if you have a whole group you would like us to send, we can of course arrange that as well.

In 'normal' times, we encourage people to give us the name and address of their intended recipient; we hold the print back until it is time to ship, timing it so that the package arrives just before Christmas. In the current climate, it is no longer possible for us to make any such assurances on delivery times (which is why we are starting early this year). Either give us your own address for delivery (and make your own arrangements for presentation), or understand that we have no control over the timing of the arrival of the package being sent to your recipent. We are maintaining a page with current postal information; please refer to this before placing any orders. Thank you for your understanding!

Other Designs

We have also printed up more copies of the images we have featured in the previous few years, the hugely popular Owl in Moonlight, a stylized Mt. Fuji, some plum blossoms in moonlight, an imaginary landscape by Katsushika Hokusai, as well as his very popular carp design, and you can choose from these as well. Put them into the shopping cart, and mix-match quantities as you wish.

Gift Print Selection Form

Add to your shopping cart. Quantity can be changed in the cart, and other prints can of course be added as well. Each print is $40, gift wrapping included. (EMS Express shipping is available as an option, for those who have left things to the absolute last minute ... :-)

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Hokusai Carp

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Winter Village

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If you like this idea of a woodblock print as a gift, but are looking for something a bit more substantial, please have a look at our Mokuhankan Catalogue, containing hundreds of interesting prints:

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