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The Bridge at Ryogoku (Set of 6)

Size: 29 cm by 19 cm (11.42 in by 7.48 in) | Enlargement | Shipping Code: [L] ?

Designer: Kitagawa Utamaro

Era: Post-war | Production quality (1~5): 4 | Condition (1~5): 4

Price: 30,000 yen [Item has been sold]

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Description: These prints date from the 1970s/80s, and were made by the Kajikawa workshop, which was hired to produce a folio containing 20 triptychs (60 prints all). They were made at a reduced size (29.5 x 19.5cm) from the original Edo-era prints, which were in the large o-ban format.

As part of that large project, they decided to include a special group of prints - a set of six designs created by Utamaro in the 1790s. Each of the six prints actually stood alone as an independent design, but when placed in a group, they formed a single large image - Edo townspeople on, and below, the bridge at Ryogoku.

So we too have collected these together, and are selling them as a group of six. How to display them? The original prints back in the Edo era were printed with no margins, so they could easily be mounted together (pasted on a backing sheet, etc.), but these prints have quite wide margins, so it is not so easy to make a single panorama from them …

Well … that’s your challenge!

(More information on the design can be found on this Wikipedia page).


Each set of three is tipped onto a paper mat (lightly pasted at the top corners):

The paper mat has begun to develop slight foxing here and there - nothing on the prints yet. The prints should not be stored in this way for much longer; they need to be removed from this cheap mat paper ...

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