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Somenosuke of Matsubaya

Size: 39.0 cm by 27.0 cm (15.35 in by 10.63 in) | Enlargement | Shipping Code: [L] ?

Designer: Chōkōsai Eishō

Era: Post-war

Price: 6,000 yen (click to see conversions)

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Description: From the series "Toji Zensei Bijin Zoroi"(Modern beauties of the Yoshiwara) this print depicts Somenosuke of house Matsubaya, known as a youthful courtesan who quickly rose through the ranks of popularity. Here Somenosuke is shown producing a concealed letter, glancing about to confirm she is indeed alone.

Written along side Somenosuke's name are the names of her two attendants, Wakagi, Wakaba.

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