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Woman Holding a Tray

Size: 41 cm by 28 cm (16.14 in by 11.02 in) | Enlargement | Shipping Code: [L] ?

Designer: Hashiguchi Goyo

Era: Post-war | Production quality (1~5): 5 | Condition (1~5): 5

Price: 25,000 yen (click to see conversions)

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Description: This is the Yuyudo version of one of a group of well-known Goyo designs produced in the mid-Showa period (most of them in the 1980s). (The Yuyudo Company also made a version of this same design).

The background to this one is done with a very dark grey mica, with fairly sombre colouring on her clothing as well.

Her sash is printed in imitation of the shibori-zome dyeing technique.

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