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Size: 34.9 cm by 24.0 cm (13.74 in by 9.45 in) | Enlargement | Shipping Code: [L] ?

Designer: Mizuno Toshikata

Era: Meiji

Price: 15,000 yen (click to see conversions)

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Description: This is one print from Mizuno Toshikata's famous "Selection of Thirty-six Beauties" (or "Thirty-six Elegant Selections") series. Each print in this series had a title denoting the period in which the scene was set, and a beautiful woman in the costume of that era. This particular print, the 13th in the series, is set in the Kyōhō era (1716-36), and shows some women on an excursion to the mountains.

There is some beautiful leaf-patterned blind-embossing to the title box, and several black sections of the print, including the women's hair, an obi, and a tray, have shōmenzuri (tsuyazumi) burnishing, giving them a shiny and luxurious look.

There are some stains to the lower section of the print and one to the right margin.

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