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Ukie Chushingura Act 7

Size: 24 cm by 36 cm (9.45 in by 14.17 in) | Enlargement | Shipping Code: [L] ?

Designer: Katsukawa Shunsen

Era: Edo | Production quality (1~5): 4 | Condition (1~5): 4

Price: 22,000 yen [Item has been sold]

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Description: This is perhaps the oldest item in our catalogue (currently), dating from around 1810.

It is from a set of prints by Katsukawa Shunsen, depicting the famous 'Chushingura' kabuki play. This is Act VII, and to learn what is happening here (the three main characters are those at the rear left), please check this Wikipedia page , where there is an extensive explanation of the events of Act VII.

Although heavily toned, the print is in excellent condition for something of its age!

(We have a few more from this series available ... please write and ask if you are interested ...)

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