Dance of Eternal Love (Dance of Eternal Love)

Designer: Toshi Yoshida | Publisher: Yoshida | Date: 1995 | Item from our partner Shinkichi Numabe

Size: 33cm by 45cm | Enlargement

Price: $ 485.00£ 390.00€ 445.00 (includes EMS Shipping & Insurance)

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Description: Toshi Yoshida was a prolific artist who left behind a vast catalogue of images when he passed away in 1995. His family has continued to have his designs re-printed posthumously, so the signature you see in the corner is not a hand-drawn signature by the artist, but was instead printed by the printer. The prints here at Mokuhankan are recent re-printings by our partner Numabe Shinkichi, using the original blocks (You can click his name above for a little more information about him.)

Up until his father passed away in 1950, Toshi Yoshida mainly followed in his father’s footsteps by creating landscapes around Japan in the shin-hanga style. These are the prints he is most famous for, but he later experimented with many different subjects and styles. We hope you will enjoy the interesting selection of his works available here.

"Dance of Eternal Love" is one of Yoshida's last prints, made in 1994, about one year before his death in 1995. Being another of his double-oban sized prints, its sheer size and level of detail are impressive. While this print may not have the same high number of impressions present in some of his other designs, he expertly created depth in the scene with the countless snowflakes, the dancing cranes, and the forest that fades into the background.

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