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Craftsmens' attitude ...

Posted in Questions for Dave by Dave Bull at 12:11 PM, March 29, 2006

(Note from Dave: this post - which Gary originally added as a 'comment' to this thread - has been moved here to a topic of its own ...)

I'm getting the impression these crafts people aren't in it because of a passion for art, or to achieve a higher level of skill than their predecessors, or for their names to go down in history, or just because they love doing it, (as we all would like to think perhaps) but that it's simply a job. Money is all it means to them. Has it come to this for the last of the woodblock printers, present company excluded of course? Or is this too jaded a view of things?


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Print Credits

Posted in Questions for Dave by Gary at 10:16 AM, March 16, 2006

Speaking of my cartouches, makes me wonder what you plan to do for yours. Are you planning to use the Bull Baren Impression as you did on your surimono prints, or something different as you are now engaging other printers to do some of this work? And what of copyright notices, year of production, credits for carvers and printers? What are your plans for this type of information going on the prints?


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