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Kakegami project launched! (and will you try some cookies?)

Posted in General Interest , Kakegami by Dave Bull at 2:06 AM, July 20, 2011

It's taken a while to get going, but the kakegami project has reached the market at last. Printer Tsushima-san was here yesterday, and ran a batch of these confectionery wrappers (now with the calligraphy block included) with no problems at all. This was her first time printing with sumi, and she found that it was not easy to get a smooth impression without having blotches around the edges of the lettering, but she caught on quickly, and got them done.

I delivered that first batch to local shop Arai Confectionery this afternoon. Mr. & Mrs. Arai, owners of the shop, have no more idea than I do whether or not this is going to 'fly', but they are willing to give it a try.

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Kakegami project - from 0 to '60' in four sessions ...

Posted in Kakegami , Process by Dave Bull at 2:02 AM, July 8, 2011

Time for an update on the kakegami - the wrapping paper for Japanese confections ...

I posted snapshots of Tsushima-san working at her new bench, but don't want to leave the impression that she has been doing that every day. She has three children (and their dad) to 'manage', and has not been able to spend more than two mornings here in any given week. So far we have had four sessions.

I posted the 'results' of her first session at the time, and it certainly looked as though she might be the type to catch on pretty quickly. The second day wasn't quite as successful, because I overdid it and gave her some quite difficult blocks to test (a few from Ueda-san's magnificent stash).

She was back here yesterday and today, and these results I can happily post ...

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The printing bench - details

Posted in Kakegami , Process by Dave Bull at 2:43 AM, July 7, 2011

A couple of people asked the other day about the dimensions of the new printing bench. I'm not sure if it will really be of any use to talk about those, because the whole idea of such a bench is that it is customized to your own 'size', but anyway, here's what we are using.

Tsushima-san sits at the bench on the kneeling stool, with the main part of the bench brought forward over her knees:

The thing is designed so that the angle of her forearm matches the angle of the top of the bench:

This is far and away the most important point about this - her wrist stays straight. This almost completely eliminates any stress on that joint, and she'll never have any kind of problem with repetitive strains, etc. etc.

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The newest venture - kakegami ...

Posted in General Interest , Kakegami , Process by Dave Bull at 3:27 AM, June 28, 2011

OK, enough teasing ... let's see what the new bench is all about, and who it is for! Meet Mrs. Yasue Tsushima ...

And, to immediately answer your obvious question - Is she the new 'apprentice'? - I think the answer is 'not really'; at least not in the sense that she is here to learn how to be a professional printer. At this point, we're not thinking that far ahead.

Yesterday I posted about a recent visit to the local beauty shop, where I had chatted with Abe-san the hairdresser about Mokuhankan. She is basically familiar with my work (and has a display set of my prints in her shop), and I bent her ear about not being able to find printers.

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