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Special Live Stream coming up tomorrow ...

Posted by Dave Bull at   8:03 PM, January 7, 2018 [Permalink]

The Twitch stream for this upcoming Monday morning (that’s Tokyo time - it will be Sunday afternoon/evening for most overseas viewers) will be a bit of an experiment. We’re going to try doing it ‘Bob Ross style’ … meaning that I will be making a woodblock print from start to finish - raw wood, right to finished print - in a single stream while people watch.

It won’t be a very complex print, one that will use just two blocks, but I think the experience should be interesting nonetheless. The image will be one that has turned out to be quite popular in the Twitch fan group, with a number of the members already making their own version - and was designed by Ichijô Narumi back in the late Meiji period.

After it’s done - assuming it all goes well - the archived stream will be available on the Twitch channel ‘on demand’ page for a while, and I’ll later be putting it up on YouTube, for those who can’t make the live stream.

Hope to see you there!





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