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Our Star Printers

Posted by Dave at   8:55 AM, January 17, 2018 [Permalink]

Today’s results! Two of our young star printers … and the work they have turned in to me this afternoon.
Yamamoto-san on the left brought me the latest group of Great Waves, and I’ll be embossing his name on these during tomorrow morning’s live Twitch stream (8:00 am Tokyo time). We’ll then be notifying the 'oldest' people on the waiting list ...

On the right is our in-house printer Suga-san, who has just finished up her initial batch of ‘A Trial of Strength’, featured in the recent Kickstarter campaign. These will now be shipped over to Jed, for signing, sealing, and shipping to the patient backers. She will then begin another batch, these for general sale. This print has turned out very nice indeed, and I’m very pleased to see the Ukiyo-e Heroes series coming to life again!





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