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A well-deserved (but short!) rest

Posted by Dave Bull at 3:33 PM, March 8, 2013 [Permalink]

The woodblocks for the Ukiyoe Heroes series have been shuttled around from printer to printer as the work has moved forward, but now that we have basically caught up with the orders for the first two designs - Rickshaw Cart and Fox Moon - those blocks are back here for a while.

At the end of each print run, the blocks are carefully air dried, and once they are stable, they get wrapped up in newsprint and tied into bundles, to await their next 'callup':

In the case of some of the blocks I carved many years ago, the bundles have remained untouched since those days. That is most definitely not going to be happening with these though, as their next appointment has already been scheduled.

We're carefully tracking the orders through Jed's online web shop, and can estimate when we will need more of these prints. Based on those numbers, we have already booked Numabe-san to run another 100 Rickshaw Carts later this month, and young Tetsui-san will do a similar run of the Fox Moons beginning in April.

If these blocks are thinking that they are headed for retirement any time soon, they have 'another think coming'!





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