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Ukiyoe Heroes - Fox Moon - colour carving nearly done

Posted by Dave Bull at 10:42 PM, October 21, 2012 [Permalink]

Colour block carving has been rolling along very smoothly this week, but I realized that I didn't show you an image of the kyogo - the set of sheets with the details of the colour separations - before I started this work. Here they all are, just before they were pasted down onto new fresh blocks:

And a pair of snapshots from last night - the two sides of the four blocks that are done so far ... Front:

... and back:

There is one more waiting to join those, and then I have to cut the clothing patterns. The pattern zones are at present simply cut with 'flat' areas; I'll print out the patterns from Jed's master copy, paste these over these areas, and then cut them out ...





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